Keratine Treatment

The Haarvisie keratin treatment turns dry, static, fluffy hair into a shiny and frizz free hair style. Millions of women worldwide undergo the keratin treatment and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Experience it yourself at Haarvisie. Beautiful hair is an ornament, but it’s not always easy to keep it beautiful. Where do you find the time to take care of it, if you’re so busy with your work, family and private life? While there are numerous products on the market that promise to make your hair healthier and shinier, they rarely live up to those expectations.

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Fortunately, you can now stop searching for the secret to beautiful hair, because you’ve found it: the Haarvisie keratin treatment. No matter how weak your hair is, the natural substance keratin restores your hair from within and makes dry, curly, frizzy hair soft and manageable. Millions of women worldwide underwent keratin treatment and the results are astounding.

What is a Keratine Treatment?

Keratin is a body material, which is present in your nails. It also strengthens your hair and about 88% of your hair is composed of keratin. Treating and caring for your hair intensively reduces the protein content in your hair. Your hair becomes weak, breaks down sooner and starts to frizz. Do you have dry, static, frizzy or unruly hair? Then a healthy protein keratin treatment is a must. The hairstylists at Haarvisie bring the keratin deep into your hair, making the protein nourishes and restore your hair from within. Your hair is silky soft and beautifully styled.

Keratine Treatment suitable for all hair types

Keratin treatments are the hit in international salons. That is not surprising, because keratin is an endogenous protein that you can use for all hair types. Whether it is chemically treated or not. The condition of your hair does not matter, so the keratin treatment is particularly effective for:

  • Hair that has been damaged by sun, sea and chlorine
  • Coloured hair
  • Hair that is fluffy and unruly by nature


Haarvisie offers keratin treatments in one way: keratherapy. The keratherapy treatment is the best choice if you want to nourish and restore your hair from within. Do you have frizzy or non European hair, then the Keratherapy treatment is the best choice because it makes your hair healthier, shinier and easier to handle. Please note, it is not a straightener.

The steps in the keratin treatment are as follows.

  1. We wash your hair with a quality shampoo. This opens the hair cuticles for keratin
  2. We dry your hair gently
  3. The keratin is patiently applied, strand by strand
  4. We apply a film to your hair, so that the keratin can do its work
  5. We rinse the excess keratin after 5 minutes
  6. You get a keratherapy- mask to seal the cuticles again
  7. The excess keratin is washed out and we blow dry and comb your hair
  8. The treatment is finished and you can see the beautiful results in the mirror

No concessions to the quality

In guaranteeing the best results, the quality and the quantity of keratin is of great importance. Keratin is an expensive product and, for salon owners, it is tempting to use less product than necessary. However, this would lead to incomplete keratin treatments and disappointed customers. Haarvisie never skimps on the amount of keratin in a treatment and we never compromise on quality. Your hair is important and we will provide you the best possible treatment.

Home care for a lasting beautiful result

For the best and longest lasting results, after keratin treatments in most salons you cannot wash your hair for at least three days. Haarvisie uses the latest technologies, reducing this period to only 24 hours of not washing your hair. Therefore, you can also undergo a keratin treatment just before a party or your wedding day.

The first days after the Keratin Treatment it is best to blow dry the hair in the morning. Preferably wear it loose, and do not use rubber bands or clips during the first 24 hours. For the hair care after a keratin treatment, choose the right products. At Haarvisie we have them in stock and we will gladly help you find out which products are best for your hair type. Either way, after any Keratin Treatment you’ll get to take home a professional shampoo and conditioner worth 55 Euro.

Schedule your Keratin Treatment at Haarvisie in Rijswijk today

Would you like to eliminate fluffy and unruly hair? Pamper yourself with a Haarvisie keratin treatment. Your hair will be silky soft and beautifully styled.

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