Professional hair colouring is on e of the most difficult aspects of hairdressing. So get it done well right away, by Haarvisie’s colour masters. Haarvisie uses a revolutionary product called Olaplex, as a treatment for radiantly coloured hair. Hairstylists are extremely enthusiastic about this new method that is used in more than 1,000,000 salons in America. Haarvisie was one of the first salons in the Netherlands to offer this.

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Professional Hair colouring at Haarvisie in Rijswijk

Anyone can colour their hair, but the results are often disappointing. Professional hair colouring is one of the most difficult aspects of hairdressing. Without knowledge of the theory of colouring, the chance of failure is always there. Haarvisie is the specialist in the field of professional hair colouring. Five Master Colour Experts are there for you in our salon and they have taken the highest courses in the field of hair colouring. So you get full and vibrant hair. Even if the treatment at another salon failed.

Why is colouring difficult?

Do you colour your hair yourself and did it ever go wrong? Then you are not alone, as many hairdressers get customers with failed at home colourings. Doing it yourself is certainly cheaper and faster, but without the right knowledge and experience, the results are often disappointing. An example of home treatment that frequently goes wrong is lightening your coloured hair. This is only possible if you first decolourise it and then colour it with the desired blond colour. If you do not execute this correctly, it can totally go wrong and – if you’re really unlucky – you’ll have bright orange hair. This may be your worst nightmare and repairing it is costly and time consuming.

Haarvisie experts trained for the best results

The stylists at Haarvisie in Rijswijk have had long training for professional hair colouring and master all the techniques and styles such as: highlights, ombre colouring and smudging, free lights, free colouring, foils and water fall. Also they adjust the colours exactly to your hairstyle. This “personalised” colour sometimes consist of up to 5 colours, specially chosen for the outgrowth, lengths and ends. Hair colour from a packet contains only one colour and that difference is visible: it looks unnatural. Haarvisie takes colouring seriously, as it is demonstrated by the presence of 5 Master Colour Experts. This title is only given after a very intensive training. So you as a customer are guaranteed of being treated by an absolute expert, who follows trends and developments closely.

The best hairproducts for the best results

Your hair is important and you want the best results. That’s why you have to go to Haarvisie. We’ll treat you with only top products, such as high-quality shampoos, colourings and bleaching agents. Before colouring, we always look at your personal situation. Each hair type is different and in the choice of the colour we take into account the thickness, quality and the presence of red pigments. All this affects the final result.

Let Haarvisie dye your hair

Would you like to have your hair professionally coloured? Or have you coloured you own hair and you are not satisfied with the result? Make an appointment at Haarvisie now. We will provide you the natural and vibrant hair you deserve.

Do it yourself or have it done?

You can colour yourself and that is faster and cheaper, but there are many disadvantages:

  • You’ll only get a professional result through knowledge, insight and experience. Customers do not have those skills.
  • A packet of hair colour is only one colour. With Haarvisie, we combine several colours and adjust them completely to your appearance. This allows for a more natural result, we create a custom colour!
  • Ombre colouring, Balayage or Highlights? The experts at Haarvisie master all techniques and are extensively trained. We also have 5 Master Colour Experts working in our salon. This is the highest title for colour experts.
  • An experienced stylist makes a new diagnosis before every colour treatment, and adjusts the tone and dosage to the desired result.
  • Do you still want to colour at home? Keep it simple and, at the most, revive your own colour. For a more radical treatment, always schedule an appointment at Haarvisie in Rijswijk to any avoid nasty surprises.

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